Every card payment turns into a reward

My Rewards is a powerful loyalty and marketing platform that ensures the fastest checkout time! Register and reward your customers with each card payment they make.

How to get My Rewards?

1. Add My Rewards

Install My Rewards on your payment terminal

Set up your rewards

2. My Rewards in your store

A new customer comes to your store. On checkout, they swipe their payment card.

My Rewards opens and asks the customer to become a member. Cashier adds customer's phone number and finalizes the order.

When the customer returns, My Rewards opens as soon as they swipe their card, and asks whether to redeem existing rewards.

Automated Text Message Offers bring more customers back to your store without you lifting a finger!

Why use My Rewards?

No hassle
at checkout
My Rewards enables your customers to earn and redeem points without the need to identify with a loyalty card, mobile app or to register their payment card anywhere. You get frictionless checkout and a larger base of loyal members.
Spend no effort learning the program
Delivering robust functionality and easy-to-use tools is our top priority. Our foolproof workflow is designed to empower your team. Your customers will love it, and your employees will appreciate the easiness.
Set-and-forget campaigns
My Rewards Automation sends text messages and invites your customers back to your store. It requires 10 times less effort than traditional marketing, and brings back twice as much customers thanks to our automated retention segments: Customers at Risk offers, Sign-up bonuses, and Birthday rewards.

How to add these features to your business?

March  2018

Give us your email and send us any feedback. We will tailor our product to the feedback we receive, while building it.

May  2018

We launch a BETA version of My Rewards and invite you to a private BETA demo.

July  2018

Official version of My Rewards is live and you get access to your program.


No contract commitments. No setup fees.
Rewards program
Automated text message campaigns:
- Birthday
- Sign-up bonus
3,500 text messages/mo
(get more at $0.02 per message)


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