Filtering, Sorting, Searching and Customer Profiles in My Rewards Dashboard


The week of Columbus Day brings exciting functionalities to My Rewards for Clover—Filtering, Sorting, Searching and Customer Profiles—to help you get the right customer details in My Members table of your Web Dashboard.


Search your loyalty program members by name, phone number or email. The Dashboard will display even incomplete searches, e.g. if you want to see all customers with 123 in their phone number.


You can now filter your customers by segment. After extensive research, our team has identified the following segments: New customers, Returning, Top, At risk, and Lost. Now you know which segment each customer belongs to.


Sometimes it isn’t enough to limit a search to a specific type of results; for example, in a filtered list of all your Top Customers, you might want your highest spenders to appear on top of the list. You can now sort customers by the following attributes: Reward Dollars balance, Average Transaction Value, Date of last Order, Number of Orders, and Signup Date.

Customer Profile 

All of your customers now have a profile in our system, making it possible for you to edit their details at all times directly from the Dashboard.

You can now see at a glance their whole activity at your business, such as subscription status for text message campaigns, number of campaigns received, number of campaigns that attracted them back to your business and orders overview.

Go to My Customers tab of your Dashboard to explore all the new features.

If you haven’t used My Rewards yet, install it for free from the Clover App Market.

Happy Rewarding!

what is My Rewards

My Rewards makes loyalty marketing for independent retailers a breeze. We integrate with your point-of-sale system and make everyday customer engagement easy for both staff and customers.

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