Use a customer-facing Clover Mini for My Rewards orders


Exciting times! It is a great pleasure to announce that you can use a customer-facing Clover Mini as a self service device for My Rewards orders.

This way you can significantly improve your cashiers workflow.

You can connect Clover Mini, Clover Station and Clover Station 2018 to a customer-facing Clover Mini. The articles in the above links explain in detail how to setup and manage the customer-facing Clover Mini.

Once you do that, you can allow your customers to enter their phone number on the customer-facing Clover Mini by themselves to earn and redeem rewards.

First, you need to disable the “Auto pop-up” option for My Rewards. Tap the My Rewards icon and the turn off/on toggle is right on the top. Alternatively start a new order, hit Pay and turn off/on the toggle on the first My Rewards screen below the field where you enter the customer’s phone number.

Then start an order from the Register App. When you send the order to the customer-facing Mini for payment (tap Charge $XX.XX on USB Pay Display), the My Rewards button will appear on the MIni (as if a payment option). The customer should select it and go through the process of using My Rewards - enter their phone number, select to redeem or not redeem rewards at that order etc.

When the customer is ready, send the payment options (cash, credit card etc.) again to the customer-facing Clover Mini. The customer pays and that’s it.

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