Reward $ limits and Modifiable Customer Segments are here!


Hey Clover Merchants!

It is a great pleasure to have you on board and this post is right for you.

We are excited to announce our latest features that add more customization to My Rewards. We’ve made sure that the app can be tailored to your unique business in two more ways:

  1. Reward $ Limits
  2. Minimum accumulated Reward $ limit – If you wish to avoid incurring reward redemption costs for relatively new customers, you can specify a minimum amount of accumulated Reward $ before customers start redeeming rewards at your business.
  3. Maximum Reward $ to be spent at once – You can also specify a maximum amount of Reward $ that customers can redeem per transaction.

  1. Modifiable Customer Segments
  2. As you know, My Rewards automatically arranges your customers into pre-defined smart segments: New, Returning, Top, At Risk, and Lost.
  3. To make sure your rewards program matches the customer patterns of your unique business, we have enabled you to customize your customer segments to fit your clients shopping patterns.

To explore our new features, simply Go to the Configuration tab of your Web Dashboard.

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We would happily answer your questions by phone (855) 222-4914 or via e-mail during our support hours – Monday to Friday 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. EST.

what is My Rewards

My Rewards makes loyalty marketing for independent retailers a breeze. We integrate with your point-of-sale system and make everyday customer engagement easy for both staff and customers.

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